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Why Human Touch Is Much Like Self-Massage?

Why Human Touch Is Much Like Self-Massage?

How can we show ourselves and each other that we really love and care for one another? It is known as touch and the art of touch is self-se masser . Studies show that without self-massage or massage, we humans will become ill; for babies they will lose weight, have a hard time growing up healthy, and will have a hard time developing healthy relationships with themselves and others. This touch can be from a loving caring parent, taker, sibling or any other person who is taking care of the baby. As adults, without the tender caring touch, your body’s immune systems become compromised and we will also become ill, depressed, confused and the physical, mental, emotional, and faith based bodies start to break down.

Self-massage or massage is not just a touch; it is a way of showing love, caring, healing, and appreciation for yourself and others. A lot of us think that when we use the word “touch” it means sexual, but that is far from the truth. Without self-massage or massage we cannot become the healthy, happy and caring human being we should be. Self-massage or massage is touch with a healing twist to it. For many humans without family, friends, or partners, there is always a way of having the greatest healing art of touch and this is though self-massage or therapeutic massage. When we give our own self a massage, the body, mind and soul take a big breath of fresh air, assisting to maintain, and prevent illness.

Learning self-massage or, as a partner, or just a friend, giving massage, what great gift to give someone you love or really care for!

All it takes is to learn some simple techniques that can be used on oneself or even shared with someone you care for. This is also a wonderful way to get to know your own body. If self-massage or massage feels good to you, you will let a friend, family or partner know just how good it made you feel and they might want to try it too!

Here are the five major techniques that to first learn how to do safely. Effleurage (long strokes); Kneading (lifting, extracting, along with rolling); Vibration (quick movement of skin); Friction (pressure on skin) and last but not least, Fanning (gentle, soft finishing stroke). Once you have learned, practiced, and experienced these strokes you can share, teach and pass on this life changing gift of touch; “Self-Massage! “